Cathy Grochowski

New Patient Advocate

Cathy Grochowski is an exceptionally blessed individual who has overcome a “mild” traumatic brain injury that was anything but mild… As a TBI survivor, she has overcome major adversity. Since her injury in 2015, she has been an advocate for brain injury survivors, and loves learning about neuroscience and brain-based learning. She is passionate about building awareness of solutions to TBI and other neurological challenges, as the journey can be incredibly exhausting and laden with frustration when a patient does not get the professional help they need.

During the past four years, Cathy has partnered with the Mind-Eye Institute on a variety of projects including assisting with training seminars, software platform integration, and staff training initiatives. Prior to taking on her newest role as a New Patient Advocate at Mind-Eye, she partnered with companies in the virtual and augmented reality industries, trained thousands of teachers to use SMARTboard technologies, she was a science teacher for 17 years, and she has been a semi-professional guitarist/vocalist at small venues and private events (check out her recordings on SoundCloud!) 

Cathy's most important message that she shares with all individuals who have sustained a TBI, stroke, ABI or are struggling with processing, learning or other neurological concerns, is to NEVER GIVE UP.  You very likely can gain significant improvements to functioning!