CJ Seesdadt

New Patient Advocate

CJ Seestadt is a veteran of the United States Navy and a New Patient Advocate and  Veteran Outreach Coordinator for our clinic. He has worked with our team to put together the veteran and military program now available at the Mind-Eye Institute. He is also a player and the Assistant Team Manager for the Chicago Blackhawks Warriors (The military veteran team for the Chicago Blackhawks). CJ is also a Blue & Gold Officer for the US Naval Academy and he is a member of the advisory board for Chicago Veterans. He works to use his experience as a veteran to bring as much attention to veteran suicide to reduce, if not eradicate, the 20 suicides that occur within our national veteran community every day. 

As an ex-professional athlete, CJ’s personal experience with head trauma and his passion for helping those patients who have suffered head trauma and neurological issues has been helpful to the many patients that he works with in helping to identify the beginning of their journey to regaining the cognitive abilities that they once had and hope to regain.