David Smyth

Director, Operations

David was hired by the Mind-Eye Institute, after being asked to assist in preparing a Power Point presentation requested by Institute research director, Deborah Zelinsky O.D.; designing a temporary web site for the Institute; and then being invited to review Institute office operations.

His recommendations for improvement were so well accepted that he was asked to implement them as a full-time addition to the team. “He has built a wonderful camaraderie among the entire Mind-Eye team, with his infectious and charismatic personality,” says Dr. Zelinsky.

After graduating from Purdue University in 2013 with a degree in special education, David moved to Los Angeles, with the thought of playing guitar and singing. Instead, he landed a marketing job. He enjoyed marketing to the point where his father, Jim Smyth, who later became the CEO for the Mind-Eye Institute, asked David to return to the Midwest to assist him with his marketing needs. David moved to Chicago in 2015, working remotely on behalf of his Dad, who lives in Indianapolis.

David says his “dream” is to someday lead a non-profit institution dedicated to improving the educational system, using his background in working with special needs children. In fact, this interest in education is an important reason why David so much enjoys working for the Mind-Eye Institute.

“The Institute staff have a great deal of focus on helping learning-challenged children develop new skills,” David says.