Minda Goldufsky

Optometric Technician

She wanted a job she could be “passionate about,” something that was “more meaningful” than her previous positions at other companies. That’s why Minda Goldufsky joined the Mind-Eye Institute team.

“I was totally intrigued by Mind-Eye and ‘wowed’ by the patient testimonials on the team’s web site. The organization’s out-of-box approach to patient care was unlike anything I had experienced before. Then, as part of my employment interview, I had an opportunity to shadow the Mind-Eye optometrists and witness the compassionate care they provided. I wanted to be part of that environment,” she says.

Minda was hired as a technician, a role that has proven perfect for her due to her extensive  background in the optical field, dating all the way back to high school, and her diligence.

“Growing up as a competitive figure skater, I learned, at an early age, to be hyper-focused on details — a trait that serves me well as I observe and test patients, noting everything from their eye movements to their posture, level of fatigue or stress, and more. The optometrists depend on the technicians to provide them with very precise observations,” she explains.

Minda’s entire career in inside and outside sales and customer service has been punctuated by periods of employment as an optician and more recently as general manager of an optometry office – a position requiring 50 to 60 hours of work each week.

“I needed to find a better work-life balance and a job I could be enthusiastic about,” says Minda, who just moved to a new home with her husband as new empty nesters, “and I have found that balance and passion at Mind-Eye. With exceptional customer/patient care as my top priority, I hope to be an asset at Mind Eye. I am proud to be a part of such individualized care where we deliver the precious gift of hope to very special people.”

When not at the Institute, Minda enjoys spending time with family and friends. A perfect night out would be enjoying a delicious dinner outdoors with live music.