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Health Costs? Mind-Eye Patients Now Have “CareCredit” Financing Options


When it comes to financial help for eye services at the Mind-Eye Institute, patients now can think “Care”fully about their options.

That’s because the Institute, based in Northbrook, Ill., has partnered with CareCredit to offer patients an array of financial choices to cover health costs not paid by insurance, says Institute CEO Jim Smyth.

Unlike a standard credit card, CareCredit is designed exclusively for payment of out-of-pocket health-related expenses and offers terms and options not normally available with other credit cards, including fixed, short-term payments of up to 6 months with no interest charged on purchases of $200 or more and longer-term financing with reduced annual percentage rates for periods of up to 60 months.

CareCredit allows patients to keep cash in reserve and free their general-purpose credit cards for household and other expenses, say CareCredit company officials. Added advantages of the CareCredit card, they relate, are instant application approvals, no activation fees and acceptance of the card by more than 200,000 health providers in the United States.

“CareCredit is just one avenue we are using to help our patients access services at the Mind-Eye Institute quickly – when they need them,” Smyth says.

Patient advocates at the Institute will be able to explain how patients can maximize their benefits using CareCredit or other available financial programs supported by Mind-Eye, Smyth says.


*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. Visit CareCredit for details.

Make The Connection

'Dr. Zelinsky Is Renowned'

~ Norman Doidge, M.D. & Clark Elliott, Ph.D., and Patricia S. Lemer praise her accomplishments

"Zelinsky fit Elliott with a series of eyeglasses designed to improve the perceptual damage that made his life so difficult... Getting fitted for Zelinsky's eyeglasses is like no eye appointment you've ever had... Now, Elliott says, he is almost entirely symptom-free, able to problem-solve, multi-task and find his way easily — all abilities he lost in the auto accident in 1999. When he put on his Phase VI glasses he felt something that he hadn't felt for years: "I felt normal."

Review: 'The Ghost in My Brain'
- The Chicago Tribune

"One brilliant Chicago-area optometrist I know, Deborah Zelinsky OD, FNORA, FCOVD, has developed a unique, patented, easy-to-administer evaluation called the Z-Bell Test. This test measures the efficiency of integration between visual processing and listening....A 2014 study at Vanderbilt University found that children with autism do not synchronize their seeing and hearing...I have watched Dr. Zelinsky administer this test to disbelieving colleagues, who were astounded by its accuracy and results...Over the past two decades, the Z-Bell Test has become internationally recognized by the scientific community.”
- Patricia S. Lemer, Licensed Profesional Counselor (LPC)

"I visited Dr. Zelinsky, and she showed me how she can use optical lenses to alter sensory filtering, by directing light to different retinal cells and brain circuits. This can influence activity in the brain and the hypothalamus to better regulate body chemistry, sensory integration, and even some auditory processing. [Dr. Zelinsky] works frequently with patients working with learning and cognitive disorders as well as TBIs."

- Norman Doidge, M.D.

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