Live Webinar:

The Mind-Eye Patient “Recovery to Wellness” Journey

Building Better Brains™

When: May 21, 2020 at 12:00pm CST

Presented by: Dan Myers O.D.


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Case Studies

An Illinois teacher sustained a serious head injury while on a professional development trip. Upon return to Illinois, she went to her physician with complaints of nausea, vertigo, balance issues and difficulties concentrating. She was told to go home and rest; the symptoms would likely subside in four weeks to six weeks. But, they did not subside. Dissatisfied with the response of the medical community, she contacted the Mind-Eye Institute where optometrist, Deborah Zelinsky O.D., conducted a battery of vision and visual processing tests, including her patented Z-Bell Test℠ to evaluate the patient’s ability to synchronize auditory and visual localization ability.

Dr. Zelinsky determined that, as a result of brain trauma, the patient judged size and depth of a target differently with each eye; was unable to have her peripheral vision be functioning on autopilot, losing a target while trying to concentrate on other mental tasks; and experienced difficulties synchronizing perception of space by the eyes and ears.

Working with different types of optometric glasses Dr. Zelinsky over time, was able to mitigate the patient’s symptoms by improving her visual processing capabilities, enhancing peripheral vision and re-integrating visual and auditory processing of surrounding space.


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