Our Mission

To transform the lives of millions of patients—children and adults—who suffer from lingering symptoms caused by brain injury, autism, learning disorders and neurodegenerative diseases by applying 21st century discoveries in neuroscience and neurophotonics to classic optometric eye care. This goal will be achieved through expansion of innovative clinical work using advanced technology and ongoing collaborative research and study. By synchronizing auditory and visual localization, a person’s reactions and responses to light and other environmental changes can be measured and modified to positively impact brain function and body chemistry.

Our Vision

To establish The Mind•Eye Institute as a recognized global leader in the:

  • Studies of retinal-electrical-biochemical connections and the effects of these connections on physical, physiological and psychological systems, including heart, endocrine and neurological function.
  • Use of prescription & therapeutic eyeglasses, contact lenses or other optometric interventions to selectively stimulate light dispersed on the retina, thereby maximizing patients’ visual performance.
  • Improvement of patient perception of their surrounding environment and mitigating neurological symptoms related to brain injury and auditory/visual imbalances, as well as peripheral retinal processing dysfunctions.
  • Development of new technologies and products in the emerging field of neurophotonics.
  • Training of a worldwide network of optometrists to apply the latest techniques and discoveries of the Mind-Eye Institute and other neurophotonic experts in the care of patients.
  • Education of other practitioners, such as endocrinologists, cardiologists, neurologists, chiropractors, and others.


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