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Becky L Illinois

Debbie Zelinsky saved my life. This is not hyperbole. If you or your child has always been slightly “off,” struggling with an invisible illness that others dismiss, don’t walk— run— to the Mind-Eye Institute.

Becky L
Alysa W Illinois

We love Dr Z and the staff at Mind Eye Connection! My daughter started seeing Dr Z in 2nd grade and was diagnosed with a learning disability and given and IEP. She is now in 8th grade, with a 4.0 GPS and no longer needs her IEP! Dr Z was a game changer for us! We can’t thank you enough!

Alysa W
Paul O New Hampshire

Dr. Zelinsky, thank you for resolving my vision issues that I sustained as a result of my TBI. You confirmed my symptoms and gave me the confidence that I would heal. You predicted I'd be better in 6 months and you were right on, I continue to improve everyday thanks to you.

Paul O
New Hampshire
Darby M Arizona

Doctor Z has saved my life multiple times. She cured me of my post concussive symptoms. I rate the mind eye connection 5 stars and would recommend it to anyone.

Darby M
Gisele K Michigan

Dr. Zelinski is an amazing professional and has really helped me in my healing process after a traumatic brain injury. I high recommend her services. Great customer care and follow-up! I have felt great improvement and I am very thankful.

Gisele K
Vicki F Illinois

Life changing improvement for my husband five years post acquired brain injury. Even the Mayo Clinic had told us there was nothing more they could do. Dr. Zelinsky is astounding in her ability to retrain the brain.

Vicki F
Kate M Illinois

The Doctor is off the charts brilliant. When my kids were having challenges in reading and school work . She understands how the brain works and the connection of the visual connections like no other. Amazing results!

Kate M
Patrick R California

Dr. Zelinsky is a miracle-worker. If other doctors have no idea how to cure you, tell you you're 100% healthy when you know you're not, and/or look at you like your crazy, go see Dr. Zelinsky

Patrick R
Julia C

The progress we are seeing with our kiddo now that he has started seeing Dr Zelinsky is tremendous!

Julia C

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'Dr. Zelinsky Is Renowned'

~ Norman Doidge, M.D. & Clark Elliott, Ph.D., and Patricia S. Lemer praise her accomplishments

"Zelinsky fit Elliott with a series of eyeglasses designed to improve the perceptual damage that made his life so difficult... Getting fitted for Zelinsky's eyeglasses is like no eye appointment you've ever had... Now, Elliott says, he is almost entirely symptom-free, able to problem-solve, multi-task and find his way easily — all abilities he lost in the auto accident in 1999. When he put on his Phase VI glasses he felt something that he hadn't felt for years: "I felt normal."

Review: 'The Ghost in My Brain'
- The Chicago Tribune

"One brilliant Chicago-area optometrist I know, Deborah Zelinsky OD, FNORA, FCOVD, has developed a unique, patented, easy-to-administer evaluation called the Z-Bell Test. This test measures the efficiency of integration between visual processing and listening....A 2014 study at Vanderbilt University found that children with autism do not synchronize their seeing and hearing...I have watched Dr. Zelinsky administer this test to disbelieving colleagues, who were astounded by its accuracy and results...Over the past two decades, the Z-Bell Test has become internationally recognized by the scientific community.”
- Patricia S. Lemer, Licensed Profesional Counselor (LPC)

"I visited Dr. Zelinsky, and she showed me how she can use optical lenses to alter sensory filtering, by directing light to different retinal cells and brain circuits. This can influence activity in the brain and the hypothalamus to better regulate body chemistry, sensory integration, and even some auditory processing. [Dr. Zelinsky] works frequently with patients working with learning and cognitive disorders as well as TBIs."

- Norman Doidge, M.D.

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