Success Stories:

Just Brilliant

by Allison L, Illinois

 “When my daughter was 8 months, we went to see a physical therapist to help with issues [she] had with crawling. The physical therapist referred us to Dr. Zelinsky's practice. At the time, I did not see how her vision was linked to the issues we were encountering. Dr. Zelinsky assessed my child, gave us additional exercises for our daughter to do and asked that we come back in four months to see progress and for a one year evaluation. At the time, she told us the issue was with her having everything (crib, changing table, car seat) for her right vision to focus on, but we were not doing anything to help her left eye develop. We [followed] all her recommendations and even the PT was amazed with her findings and agreed. The issue was corrected.  We still see her office and there have been some improvements with office staff, but truly the high marks go to Dr. Zelinsky. She is proactive and just brilliant in diagnosing problems and coming up with creative solutions.”

~Allison L, Illinois

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