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Dr. Zelinsky Radio Interview on “Live with Rudi Bakhtiar”

“Live with Rudi Bakhtiar” on Los Angeles’ KIRN 670 AM

Dr. Zelinsky was recently a guest on the live radio show “Live with Rudi Bakhtiar” on Los Angeles' KIRN 670 AM to discuss the advanced methods for assessing brain function with Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitationm, with an emphasis on the often untested linkage between Eyes and Ears.

Rudi Bakhtiar is the Radio Host of “Live with Rudi Bakhtiar” and producer for Reuters in Washington, D.C.. She is likely best known for anchoring CNN Headline News Tonight. In addition, she has anchored other high-profile newscasts for CNN including Anderson Cooper 360. She has over a decade of experience working for international news outlets including CNN, FOX, Voice of America, and Reuters News.

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In this interview they discuss:
– What is the critical sensory connection between the eye and ears and what happens when that’s off?
– How did you discover this connection between seeing and hearing?
– How can a pair of glasses be instrumental in treating Autism, Dyslexia, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Concussions and more?
– What is your success rate with this treatment?
– How is the Mind-Eye Institute training more doctors to be able to help more patients?

Patients who have experienced a vision problem, learning challenge or brain injury or feel like “something is different” can take our free online “Brain Quiz” or speak with one of our New Patient Advocates and come in for a Mind-Eye exam today by contacting our office at 847.501.2020 or visiting us at