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Success Stories, Processing Disorders


by Michelle H

I wanted to send you this letter to express my gratitude for all you have done for my 9 year old daughter, Josslen. Her overall happiness has improved drastically since our first visit to you in Feb 2015 at the Mind-Eye Connection.

I was amazed during Josslen’s in-office exam, your technique, your knowledge, your complete and total understanding of the mind – eye connection which left me in awe and my child begging to return. What kid actually WANTS to go to the eye doctor? Mine, that’s who and it’s all because of the wonderful Doctor you are and how you make your patients feel.

Josslen’s story is not a typical story of a nine year old. Josslen has been through way too much in those short 9 years. Josslen was born with a rare disease by the name of Klippel-Feil symdrome, a bone disorder characterized by the abnormal joining (fusion) of two or more spinal bones in the neck, which is present from birth. Many babies don’t survive this condition during the birthing process, due to the bone fragments that can sever the brainstem and/or spinal cord upon delivery. We are the lucky ones, Josslen is our miracle baby. Surgeries for Josslen started before she turned 1, starting with an eye surgery at the University of Michigan, where they had to operate on her eyes to cut the muscles that were pulling her eyes in towards her nose. Then an oral surgery, at Bronson Medical in Kalamazoo, MI, just after she turned 1 to help erupt her teeth which were not able to break through on their own. On December 12, 2007, came the biggest surgery of all, a spinal fusion performed at the amazing Shriner’s Hospital for Children, Chicago. Josslen was just 2 years and 2 months old. Again, we are faced with the risk of losing our miracle baby. Josslen is a fighter and after 8 long hours of surgery, we were able to kiss her face again. Josslen has 4 screws into the bottom of her skull and 6 screws into her spine. She is not able to move her neck, making her eyes her most important strength. We are not positive what the future holds for Josslen, how her body and bones will adapt to the growing child, will there be other deformities? Will her spine continue to curve in an abnormal way beneath the rods? We have accepted the fact that we just don’t know at this time and that’s OK, we will fight this fight one day at a time.

Without being able to move her neck, Josslen uses her eyes, straining them in every direction. She has been to an eye doctor, had glasses prescribed, but nothing, I mean nothing, has compared the to the eye exam and complete review of the way her eyes, ears and brain connect as what was performed by Dr. Deborah Zelinsky in her office at the Mind-Eye Connection. I truly believe, that Josslen would have continued to grow in a downward spinal position had it not been for the brilliance of Dr. Zelinsky. The prescription for Josslen’s glasses help to adjust her posture and the way she holds her head, which over time will help to straighten her spine, and possibly eliminate the need for any further corrective spinal surgeries. Dr. Zelinsky just doesn’t stop there though, she works closely with other Doctors, Physical Therapists even, to ensure overall health and for confirmation of what she has prescribed is exactly what each patient requires.

I remember the days of fighting with Josslen to wear her glasses, her purposely forgetting them at school so she wouldn’t have to wear them when she got home. I would go as far as having to bribe her with treats and fun activities, if she would just wear them for at least 1 more hour. Not anymore. Not even once. The day we left Dr. Zelinsky’s office, she asked each and every day when her new glasses were going to be ready. Since the day her glasses were delivered, I have not had to ask her or remind her once to wear them. From the moment she wakes up until the time she climbs in bed, her glasses are on. Josslen absolutely loves them. Oh, did I mention, that Dr. Zelinsky also even helped Josslen pick out the perfect pair of frames? That’s right, she took the extra time to help Josslen try on frames of different shapes, sizes and colors until they found the perfect pair. My 9 year old just made herself a new friend and can not wait to go back and see Dr. Zelinsky.
So thank you Dr. Zelinsky for all you have done for my daughter and my family. Thank you for helping to connect her eyes, ears and mind. Thank you for making life a little less stressful for Josslen and for me. Thank you for your absolute brilliance and your dedication to helping people.

Thank you for caring for and accepting my daughter for all her perfect imperfections.

We will see you soon. Forever grateful — Michelle H, Illinois