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Success Stories, Autism Spectrum Disorder

Miraculous Transformation

by Elsa D, Illinois

“[My] older boy Stephan (11 years old) has had his glasses on since this summer. Last year, when he lived in Ingleside with his maternal aunt and uncle, he was failing 5th grade. He had to visit the social worker almost everyday at school either because he misbehaved, was bullied by the other children or was depressed. He never did his homework and didn't pay attention in class. We tried unsuccessfully to get him an IEP and gave him a full-day psych evaluation, which determined that he was definitely somewhere on the autism spectrum.

Fast-forward to today. After wearing his glasses full-time since July, Stephan is now a straight-A student and very excited about schoolwork. He can't wait to come home, do his homework and tell his foster mom all about his day at school. Honestly, his transformation has been miraculous. Yes, he is in a better foster home now and at a new public school, but nothing can explain his complete turn-around academically, except for his glasses.

Honestly, his transformation has been miraculous.

My second CASA child [Serenity] picked up her glasses yesterday. I am hoping that her glasses will go a long way to alleviate her issues as well. Thank you again for agreeing to do the evaluation and for explaining to her foster father and caseworker how your glasses work.

I also wanted to thank you for helping my own family. Both myself and my 17-year old son Emiel have both experienced huge [changes] with our prism glasses. As I told you, my son took the ACT 3 times and the final time he scored 5 points higher in reading, giving him his highest composite score to date. We are extremely grateful to you that we can finally stop taking that crazy test and [enjoy] access to a whole new level of colleges. Also my niece, Jean, had similar reading comprehension issues which were remedied with your eyeglasses and therapy. She scored 3 composite points higher on her final ACT test which gave her an additional $5,000/year scholarship money. Indeed some really Incredible results.”

~Elsa D, Illinois