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Success Stories, Traumatic Brain Injury

Worth the Time, Travel, and Money

“How do you properly thank someone who has literally given you your life back?”

I saw Dr. Zelinsky yesterday in Chicago, and have only one minor phase of treatment left, which will end with a phone consult in October. I am thrilled to report that I have virtually no concussion symptoms at all. The only problem that she identified yesterday lies below the level of my awareness but is still important to repair. She is so happy with my recovery, and I am forever in her debt for helping me regain full functioning. The hockey accident was a watershed event in my life, and I am blessed beyond measure that I recovered, and that I have at long last, returned to the ice as a coach.

Do the people you care about a favor–if you know anyone that has suffered a brain injury, give them Dr. Z's information. She is absolutely worth the time, travel, and money. I wouldn't have the job I have today, be running my ministry, or enjoying life if it wasn't for Dr. Z, whom God has gifted with brilliance, innovative treatment methods, and a wonderful, warm, caring heart for each and every one of her patients. People are coming from all over the world to see her because she gets results. Yes, she is one of those rare people who are in fact, that good.

Thank you to everyone who has walked this journey with me, from the really scary diagnosis over 3 years ago, to my miserable absence from the ice, through the horrible headaches, difficulty reading, and all the rest. It's been a long journey. It's also been entirely worth it. Thank you Jesus, for getting me through this dark hour with the love of family and friends, and one of the most talented doctors on the planet.

~Deb H, Wisconsin